I'm Sam Lau!

I'm a MS student at UC Berkeley advised by Josh Hug. I am interested in improving data science education. Currently, I'm building tools to make it easy to create and publish interactive educational content online.



Current projects


Easy creation of interactive data science content.

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Past projects

Scalable JupyterHub Deployment

Redesign of the computing architecture used in UC Berkeley's Data 8 course; now a Jupyter-endorsed standard.

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Khan Academy Interactive Article Builder

Project for Khan Academy that allows content creators to author interactive instructional material in a Markdown-type language. Now used in over 95% of math articles on Khan Academy.

Roots of Success Teaching Platform

Classroom instruction and management web application created for multinational nonprofit. Used for 15 active classrooms in Spring 2017.

Crowdfunding Platform for Berkeley Public Schools

Developed a crowdfunding application for the Berkeley Unified School District. Has raised over $66,000 across 20 schools as of Fall 2017.